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Augusta, Atlanta & Savannah, Georgia

South Georgia Home President, Keith Blaschke, feels right at home building homes for other people. He grew up on construction sites watching his dad wire new homes as an electrician. Before becoming a builder, Keith worked as a home lender at an Atlanta-based financial service company where he gained in-valuable insight into the homeowner’s perspective in the purchasing process. While this was a rewarding experience, he wanted to be more hands-on in getting people into their own homes.

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Keith started working with a certified builder and then joined in with several local builders to construct new homes in one of Columbia County’s fastest growing neighborhoods. After becoming licensed and accredited as a builder in 2006, South Georgia Homes was born. Keith continuously hones his craft in the field, and is passionate about helping people achieve their dream of home ownership through building quality homes. We deliver superior customer service and unsurpassed dedication to homeowner satisfaction.

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What is a high performance home builder?

We live in a world of high performance products like automobiles, appliances and communication devices. The phrase “high performance” can inspire thoughts of taking something efficient and sought after and bringing it to the next level. It speaks to a place that is modern, innovative and quick, while making things easier and better for the consumer.

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We’ve been in our home for just over a year, and we love it more each day. Our favorite features are the quality materials, modern floor plan, and especially the overall energy efficiency. We could not be more happy with our choice in a home builder!

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